Whether you own an income property, a condo or sit on the board of directors of a
syndicate of co-owners, our comprehensive property management services will save
you time, money and a whole world of hassle.

We offer an ALL-INCLUSIVE service, WITHOUT EXTRA, and we always stand by our one and only word: An outstanding service, 24/7.

Lecsor does not only manage your property.
We manage your quality of life.

Administrative, Accounting and Financial Management

The administrative, accounting and financial management of your co-ownership property requires regular, periodic monitoring in compliance with the legislation in effect.

Property management is a vast and rapidly expanding field, especially since the revision of the co-ownership laws and the enactment by the Québec government of bills 16, 41, 122 and 141.

With Lecsor's qualified and highly-trained team, you can rest assured: you will have at your disposal all the knowledge and expertise necessary to manage your property efficiently, for the benefit of your investment. All the information concerning your property is kept up to date, saved on file and accessible to the administrators via secure professional platforms and tools according to the best practices on the market.

Technical Management

Technical management is crucial to ensure that your real estate investment gains market value.

With our vision and expertise in the real estate industry, you can rest assured that your property is in the safe hands of experts always willing to provide you with the best advice.

With Lecsor as your management company, you also have access to a pool of competent, reliable and available contractors at very competitive prices.

We are there for you 24/7. Just give us a call and a member of our team will assist you. If needed, a technical manager will come to your home. With Lecsor, you are never alone. Our entire team is at your service!


  • Two million dollars civil liability insurance.
  • Member in good standing of the Regroupement des Gestionnaires et Copropriétaires du Québec.